G1's Halloween House of Employment Horrors!

Friday 30th October saw our Better Than Zero activists take on Stefan King’s multimillion pound hospitality empire again – this time in a Halloween themed protest. Around 40 young trade unionists and campaigners gathered outside G1 Group’s headquarters, based in the listed building on Queen Margaret Drive which once homed BBC Scotland. As usual, we used songs and chants to get our message across! “Stefan King, Hear Us Say…Pay The Living Wage Today!”.

G1 paid their small group of Directors almost half a million pounds last year, and over £70million rang through the tills in their numerous bars, clubs and restaurants. So, we have a simple question. Why can’t Stefan King share the success of his hospitality empire with his workers and pay them a Living Wage?

We know G1 are a notoriously bad employer, but even we were taken aback by the number of young people who stopped us throughout the demo to tell us their own G1 employment horror stories – not getting enough work and being sent home early, not getting paid for all the hours worked, not getting breaks – the stories were depressingly familiar.

Don’t forget you can get in touch with us to tell us your stories – about any workplace – using our contact form, or by emailing betterthanzero@stuc.org – you can stay anonymous if necessary. And if you need advice and support about any workplace issue you can call the STUC’s helpline on 0141 566 6875 – its free and confidential.

Watch our video below to see the full protest – including our “funeral of workers’ rights” procession down Byres Road and Ashton Lane. Bad Bosses Beware!