Helpline Launched

On Monday 20th April at its Annual Congress, the STUC will launch a new campaign, run by young people for young people, to take on the issue of insecure work.

While the best way young workers can be protected is by joining a union, the hostile attitude of employers means that for many this is currently not an option. A new helpline will also be launched to support all those in non-unionised workplaces who are receiving low pay, are forced onto zero-hours and short-hours contracts or are otherwise suffering from poor working conditions.  Poor employment conditions are prevalent in industries such as fast food, hotels and catering, pub and club chains and some areas of retail and social care.

>ZERO Helpline Launched

An important principle in the work place that just because a worker may be young doesn’t mean they can be palmed of with low pay and poor conditions. Young people provide huge benefits to Scotland’s economy and it’s only right they be properly paid for it.  We would encourage any young person who have concerns about zero hours contracts and low pay or any issue relating to precarious employment to call the helpline. Young people are the future of our economy and it’s about time employers started treating them with respect.

The telephone number for the STUC helpline, Staffed by Thompsons Solicitors is 0141 566 6875

How will >ZERO work?

>ZERO will use comedy, music, art and web technology to capture your views and experiences of work (or a lack of it).

Whether you have a story or opinion on zero hours contracts, low pay or unemployment, your contribution will be valued. Get stuck-in making and discussing or just hang around and see what it's all about.