Happier New Year for G1 Staff

Following discussions between ourselves and G1’s HR Director - Paul Bailey, we are pleased to announce an array of agreed improvements to working conditions which (if fully implemented) will see a greatly improved outlook for G1 staff in the coming year.

After a lengthy and positive discussion we were pleased to hear of a number of new systems and further planned changes which, if delivered, could meet many of the concerns we raised regarding uniform, contractual instability and tips.

We received the following assurances from the Group:

  • G1 staff will no longer be required to pay for their uniform or training. 

  • All new G1 colleagues shall receive a contract of employment before they start work. 

  • No member of staff should be on a zero-hours contract.

  • The Group will look at the possibility of introducing minimum hour contracts based on the average hours worked by staff (currently around 15 hours).

  • No member of staff should be docked for small instances of lateness – The new clocking-in system should prevent this and people should be paid for the shift they clock in for.

  • No member of staff should be docked their tips for breakages/spillages.

  • The Group has adopted a Tronc system which sees 100% of electronic tips distributed according to local Tronc committees elected from each area of the workforce (i.e. front of house, KPs & cleaners etc). Each Tronc committee is overseen by a Tronc-master who cannot be a manager. 

  • Potential G1 staff will only be asked to shadow during a trial shift for up to 4 hours for which they will be paid.

In response to what was a very positive meeting we agreed that Better than Zero would suspend all direct action against G1 venues for 3 months while discussions are ongoing. 

We will be meeting with the Group again in the New Year to discuss progress and how we can further support G1 staff.

Should any member of G1 staff still face problems regarding any of the aforementioned issues then please do not hesitate to contact Better than Zero through our facebook page and we will be sure to raise it with HR.