Better Than Zero Support Glasgow Fast Food Rights Campaign

Last year McDonalds made a profit of $1.31 billion, Dominos made a £766 million profit and Sports Direct £290 million. What do they have in common? They all refuse to pay their staff a living wage.

After an incredibly successful open branch meeting last month, Fast Food Rights Scotland held another open branch meeting on Friday the 11th March to build on the success of the global fast food rights movement.

Aimed at fast food workers, workers on zero hour contracts or low pay/insecure work, the open branch is a place to meet similar workers, swap stories and find out how to organise in your workplace for better rights and conditions.

On April 14th, campaigners joined together to take part in a global fast food day of action. We supported campaigners in Glasgow to demand £10 per hour, union rights, and an end to zero hours.