Better than Zero 1st Birthday

On Friday 22nd July Better than Zero celebrated it's first birthday at the STUC in Glasgow. 

Over 120 young workers from across Scotland came together - till late into the wee hours - to discuss how best to organise some of the most exploitative industries. 

With workshops on everything from social media and creative arts to direct action and political pressure hosted by some of the most dynamic activists in the country this event sought to give precarious workers the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge exploitation and organise against unscrupulous employers like Mike Ashley and Stefan King. 

We also heard about those inspiring campaigns going on across the World including from the Irish trade union movement, the Teamsters in the US and New Zealand against Zero hours campaign. 

After an evening of inspiring discussion, spoken word and live music our team of activists are now raring to get stuck in to the bad bosses of Scotland.