Better than Zero take on Byron Burger

On Friday 29th July, Better than Zero activists (in conjunction with anti-racist campaigners) held a demonstration outside Byron Burger's flagship store in Glasgow in protest at the appalling decision of senior managers to lure 35 of their own staff to a fake training event in order for them to be interrogated and potentially deported.

What is particularly reprehensible about their actions is that Byron Burger would have known about the status of these staff for a long period, and rather than do anything about it, they continued to exploit them on poverty pay and precarious contracts. 

Having spoken to staff and customers inside we made clear that our protest was not aimed at them but towards those senior managers who had taken the decision to betray hard-working staff in order to avoid a possible fine from the Home Office.

The protests were organised in the same week as direct action in two branches in London, and ahead of planned action in Liverpool due to take place next week.