SAFE HOME on the Streets

SAFE HOME is a campaign by Better Than Zero, Scotland’s movement against precarious work.

Safe Home Leaflet Front - Final Draft.jpg

SAFE HOME demands are clear: travel provided by employers for late night shifts. No more walking home worried about being attacked. No more dodgy customers waiting for us outside. We have been appalled by the sheer volume of reports coming into us about workers being attacked, followed, shouted at and abused on their way home.

Often late-night workers are low paid and paying for a taxi is just not financially possible. It is not safe and it is not fair!

One thing that will help workers win safe travel home from their employers is changing the licencing regulations.

If licenced premises must take steps to ensure public safety, why do they not have to consider the safety of their workers? Handily for us, Glasgow City Council are reviewing their licencing regulations right now.

The first public consultation event took place in Hillhead Library on Wednesday night and we were there to make our views clear. Part of the review is looking at potentially offering 4am licences to city centre clubs.  If these employers are being given the opportunity to operate for longer and increase their profits, then they should be forced to guarantee a safe way home for their workers.

The Councillors set up a stall inside the library. We set up ours on the pavement outside. The positive response from members of the public to our campaign was overwhelming. This is an issue that so many people can relate to. From workers themselves, to their friends, parents, grandparents…everyone we spoke to seemed to know someone who finishes late at night and struggles to get home safely. We encouraged a lot of people to go in and speak to the Councillors and share their concerns and experiences. You can submit a response to the consultation via email too - find out more here.

We also visited lots of bars in the area, dropping off SAFE HOME flyers and BTZ newsletters and speaking to workers. Almost everyone we spoke to had heard about the campaign and are totally behind us. This really is an important issue that needs addressed!

If you want to get involved and start fighting for your safety, get in touch with us.

The other public consultation drop-in events take place on:

Monday 10th Sept at the Coupar Institute, Clarkston Road, 6-8pm

Wednesday 12th Sept, Glasgow City Chambers, 6-8pm

Monday 17th Sept, Tollcross Community Centre, 6-8pm.