Better than Zero v. Amazon

Amazon is one of the worst employers in Scotland.

Despite making £billions in 2016, they still insist on employing 4,000 staff at their depot in Fife on zero-hours and temporary contracts on just above the minimum wage. Staff are routinely searched to ensure they haven't stolen goods and they are penalised for not scanning items in time.

On Friday 25th November, Better than Zero joined forces with the People's Assembly in Fife to organise a mass picket of the Amazon warehouse in Dunfermline.

For more than 3 hours we blocked the main road going in and out of their main distribution depot causing major disruption to all deliveries on their busiest day of the year - Black Friday. 

As a consequence of our direct action, senior management of Amazon UK were forced to sit-down with local MSPs to discuss the possibility of improving conditions including introducing the living wage.