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All precarious workers are welcome at monthly meetings where we share skills and build campaigns like #SafeHome and #FairFringe. Contact us for details.


Sports Direct

Sports Direct epitomise the zero-hour, zero-respect and zero-rights culture that faces many young workers today. We've simply had enough of employers who think it is acceptable to treat workers in the appalling manner of Sports Direct - humiliating workers over a tannoy system, restricting toilet breaks, neglecting health & safety laws, leaving workers in fear of taking sick leave... the list goes on.

Owing to the hard work of one of our sister unions, Unite, we forced owner Mike Ashley to abolish zero hours contracts in the high street stores.  However there are still over 4,000 staff in the warehouses who remain on zero hours contracts. 

If you want to share your experience of working for Sports Direct please get in touch with us and help get rid of zero hours once and for all. 

Better than Zero teamed up with Unite to organise a football flashmob outside Sports Direct's flagship store on Argyle Street.

The G1 Group

The G1 Group is Scotland's biggest hospitality firm. In 2015 they were fined by the HMRC for failure to pay 2895 staff the minimum wage. G1 staff took action against their most lucrative units in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dundee throughout 2015/2016 with flashmobs, pickets and rallies.

After 18 months of campaigning, senior management finally agreed to an action plan to improve conditions for thousands of G1 staff. This included an end to charges for uniform and training, a replacement of zero-hours contracts with minimum-hour contracts and a commitment to 100% of tips going to staff through a transparent tronc system.

But when they unfairly dismissed staff in 2017, >ZERO worked with Unite to take their case to employment tribunal. This led G1 to admit to breaching workers rights in July 2018. If you work at G1 or want to know more, tell us your story

>ZERO took action outside G1 venues across Scotland, but focused particularly on Ashton Lane in Glasgow, to highlight exploitative working practices. 

Las iguanas

Las Iguanas have 18 restaurants across the country and are worth £85 million. In 2015, they introduced a policy which forced staff to pay back 3% of all takings to management meaning so that many were having to pay it from their own minimum wages. Following a petition which gained almost 100,000 signatures, we took direct action against their units in Glasgow. Within 48 hours senior management announced they were to reverse the policy and staff would now receive 100% of tips.