Workers’ rights campaign vows to fight back against exploitative conditions

 Daily Record | 25 February 2019

When it comes to mistreatment of workers the hospitality industry is undoubtedly the most exploitative. From well-known restaurant chains like Wagamama and TGI Fridays failing to pay thousands of staff the legal minimum wage, to systematic bullying and impossible workloads at Glasgow’s poshest Hotel, hospitality workers are subject to horrendous conditions which should…

C-Venues loses Edinburgh fringe home for poor working conditions

Scotsman | 11 February 2019

Edinburgh University has stripped a controversial Fringe company of the right to use one of the biggest venues at the festival in the wake of accusations of exploitation of its staff. C Venues have been booted out of Adam House on Chambers Street, its main venue for nearly 20 years, months after being branded the worst employer at the Fringe…

Hospitality workers on Skye raise complaints about work conditions

Press and Journal | 24 July 2018

The Scottish Trades Union Congress has investigated workers’ concerns on Skye as part of its Better Than Zero campaign. One anonymous hotel worker said: “It’s so unfair what they’re doing to the current staff, no one knows if they’re going to have a job when they wake up. It’s almost mental torture."

Spy camera fury: Staff walk out after discovering lenses in shop

Evening Times | 16 July 2018

STAFF at a city centre health food store have gone on strike after discovering secret cameras in rooms where staff changed, just four weeks after opening.

Employers must ensure pub staff get home safe from late shifts

Daily Record | 3 May 2018

SNP ministers are looking at whether Holyrood’s control over licensing can be used to help workers after meeting union members and bar staff for talks.

We knew the snow was coming – why was the UK so unprepared?

The Guardian | 2 March 2018

Precarious workers battled the elements in fear of losing their jobs or having pay docked. In Scotland, the Better than Zero campaign, which exists to oppose poverty pay and zero-hours contracts, worked tirelessly to call out a range of employers who threatened such action.

Underbelly retreats over Hogmanay volunteer roles

The Times | 28 December 2017

The organisers of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations have backed down over using unpaid staff after pressure from campaign groups, politicians and trade unions.

G1 Group abolishes zero-hour contracts after worker protests

STV News | 12 January 2017

The G1 Group leisure firm has pledged to abolish zero-hour contracts following pressure from workers' rights campaigners.

Campaigners set to deploy anti-exploitation app after G1 Group victory

Commonspace | 4 January 2017

The protest group’s 2017 strategy to crackdown on exploitative conditions in Scotland’s bars, clubs and restaurants will include plans to deploy an app that will help customers find living wage accredited employers, and to expand its direct action activities across Scotland.

Amazon workers call in protests at Dunfermline warehouse over working conditions

Commonspace | 25 November 2016

Activists from campaigning groups including Better than Zero (BtZ) and Fife People’s Assembly organised the protest today (25 November) to co-inside with ‘Black Friday’ the busiest shopping day of the year which sees the online market’s business soar.

Sports Direct ditches zero-hours jobs and ups worker representation

The Guardian |  6 September 2016

Sports Direct is to put a workers’ representative on its board and offer shop staff guaranteed hours instead of zero-hours contracts after admitting a string of failings in an internal report.

Sports Direct chief executive charged over USC administration

The Guardian | 9 October 2015

For once a bad boss is being charged for the mistreatment of staff! USC, who are owned by Sports Direct, gave around 200 workers at their Scottish warehouse only 15 minutes notice that they no longer had a job.

Sports Direct site 'called ambulances dozens of times'

BBC | 5 October 2015

Ambulances were called out to the headquarters of Sports Direct, one of Europe's largest sports retailers, 76 times in two years, a BBC investigation found. Many of the calls, for workers at Sports Direct's complex at Shirebrook, in Derbyshire, were for "life-threatening" illnesses. Former workers said some staff were "too scared" to take sick leave because they feared losing their jobs.

You can watch the BBC investigation here until 10 November.

Feminism begins at your nearest big hotel

The Guardian | 1 October 2015

This article discusses the idea that a working-class feminism rooted in resistance, mutual aid and solidarity is growing at the grassroots in the UK.

Life as a hotel chambermaid: ‘If I didn’t finish in time, I had to work unpaid until I did’

The Guardian | 20 September 2015

Article about Barbara Pokryszka's graphic novel depicting her life as a chambermaid in a luxury London hotel. The Tale of Two Cities compares conditions in London hotels - which Unite the Union have said are the most unethical in the world - to those in New York, where conditions are pretty dignified and workers are organised in trade unions.

Do you have a story to tell us about hotel work in Scotland? Please get in touch, anonymously if needed.

Better Than Zero stunt targets Glasgow city centre restaurant

Common Space | 21 September 2015

Coverage of our successful direct action against Las Iguanas in Glasgow.

You can watch the full video of our protest here.

Las Iguanas changes controversial tipping policy

The Guardian | 25 September 2015

Over 80,000 signatures on the 38degrees petition and our direct action in Glasgow and that of other campaign groups across the UK, led to Las Iguanas u-turning on their "pay to work" policy.

Read our statement on the announcement here.

Read The Observer article that revealed Las Iguanas were also stealing staff tips.

Pizza Express reverses policy of taking 8% cut from staff tips

The Guardian | 3 September 2015

Brilliant news that Pizza Express have backtracked on their policy of raiding staff tips. This victory for the workers and Unite union activists shows that organising and taking direct action can, and does, work.

You can read The Observer article that broke the Pizza Express tipping scandal.

Watch as Glasgow bar and club workers protest against Scots millionaire Stefan King's treatment of his staff

Daily Record | 28 August 2015

Coverage of our action in Ashton Lane where we named and shamed G1 as one of the most notoriously exploitative hospitality employers in Scotland. Click here to find out more about our campaign against G1.

STUC Condemns T in the Park Work Practices and Demands a Real Living Wage for Workers

STUC | 10 July 2015

Barcode Recruitment misled young workers and many did not realise they would be working for only £5.30 per hour, paying for their own transport, and would be dropped off at midnight in George Square, Glasgow to make their own way home. STUC call for all workers at T in The Park to be paid the real Living Wage of £7.85 per hour, irrespective of age. DF Concerts - who organise T in The Park- posted pre-tax profits of £4.53 million last year.

Dundee nightclub worker tracked down her attacker by studying Facebook photos

The Courier | 27 May 2015

Dundee City Council totally rejected STUC's proposals for licensing laws to be used to force nightclub owners to provide transport home for workers at the end of their shift. Unfortunately, attacks like the one reported in this article are why we are so concerned.  We think its time they, and all other Local Authorities in Scotland, need to think again. Many nightclub workers have told us that the cost of a taxi home can cost almost half their wage for that night's shift, and so they are forced to walk home late at night, and often alone. Local authorities have the ability to put an end to this and stop more workers like Roksana being needlessly attacked.

Election 2015: Sports Direct share price up 4 per cent after zero-hours relief on Conservative win

The Independent | 8 May 2015

Sports Direct and their shareholders breathed a sign of relief when they realised they would be able to continue to exploit and disrespect 1000's of workers on zero-hours contracts following the election of the Tories. Ed Miliband had promised to scrap zero-hours contracts if Labour won the election. Share prices rise because they believe zero-hours contracts - the rotten foundation of their empire - are here to stay.