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Do you ever work a late shift?

Do you ever feel unsafe getting home?

Does your employer ensure you get home safely?

From cinemas and call centres to shops, bars, and hotels, employers across Scotland are failing to give late-night workers a travel allowance. This is unfair and it is unsafe.

Safe Home is a campaign led by workers in Better than Zero, Scotland’s movement against precarious work.

What do we deserve?

Full taxi allowances paid by businesses for all late-shift staff.

No more walking the streets worried about being attacked.

End street harassment from customers when we leave our workplace.


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If you’re affected by travel worries on late shifts, let us know. We are building the case for decent allowances for all workers who finish after 11pm.

Already the accounts we have gathered are having an impact. The Scottish Government has agreed to review legislation to force employers to cover costs of travel, and Glasgow City is addressing how the licensing boards can ensure that businesses where alcohol is sold take the impact of intoxicated customers into account, and provide staff with a safe way home. Send us a message here or email Claire at