Get in touch and get involved

Whether you want to come to our next action or organising meeting, let us know about an exploitative workplace or you just need advice please fill-out your details below. All information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

We have been inundated with young workers who want to share their stories of bad bosses and crap jobs, so we have created this simple form to make it easier for more people to get in touch with us.

You do not have to leave your name or contact details, but if you do be assured we will keep your details confidential and will never share your info without your permission.

Workers so far have been telling us about things like: being sent home early, not being told about available shifts in enough time, not being paid on time or the right amount, harassment from managers, no transport provided if you are working late, being forced to pay for mandatory uniforms etc.