How to Tackle the Symptoms of Coronavirus at Work

How to Tackle the Symptoms of Coronavirus at Work

Fever, coughing, shortness of breath, by now it’s a well-known watchlist. But the websites don’t list the other type of Coronavirus symptom – shortness of cash, days without pay, financial anxiety.

The government says one in five workers may be affected. If you’re one of many workers in Scotland who can’t afford to be off work unpaid, there isn’t much time to devise a plan for when the virus visits.

Scotland has no National Wealth Service. Instead there are employers, who will be plotting to keep their costs down and their profits up by refusing sick pay when the virus infects their workforce. There may be no vaccination yet, but the government is promising cash injections to make up the shortfall of lost profits. So what can you do to get paid if and when the virus stops you working?

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