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“My job was to walk around the club with a tray of shots and sell these for £1. We aren’t really employed in the same way as the rest of the bar staff. We get to keep around 80% of our takings at the end of the night and 20% goes back to the bar. One night a customer put his hand right up my dress and was groping me. I told the manager and he offered me £50 not to take it any further. I quit that night.”

“Basically myself and a whole team have left a company recently (under bad conditions) and we are still all due pay/holiday pay and have reason to believe we may not get it. Regardless of if we do, there were no contracts signed or even payslips for some of the staff. We believe the company may be taking step to dissolve and rebrand which would clear them of all of their debt and leave so many people out of pocket. I was just wondering what you think our options are if this happens?”

“I've only done a couple of shifts but so far I've found out that staff do not get breaks, there is some dodgy stuff with tips where a service charge is attached to a bill for tables of 6+, but nobody seems to know what happens to the card tips”

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“A long standing area manager bumped into staff on a night out and proceeded to make discriminatory comments about one of the team members who is transgender. When that person stood up for themselves, the manager said 'I can call you what I want I am your boss.' Another member of the team tried to defuse the situation and got verbally abused and the area manager offered to take him outside for a fight! We should not have to work with this vile human being as our leader. I feel a lot of my work colleagues will now leave the job we love if he remains in position.”

“Shifts where cancelled 15 minutes before shifts, two weeks I was paid less than minimum wage when it went up and never got it back and then two days after finding out I was pregnant I got sacked for a "complaint" about me but they weren't willing to discuss what the "complaint" was and just to get my stuff and leave.”